Supply Chain & Global Procurement

At Reich, you can experience a strong network towards Sourcing, Distribution and Deliveries (SDD) of required resources, for your esteemed business and our supply chain are every ready to honour your requirements.

We supply whatever it is that you need on IT Infrastructure requirement, but there is a lot more to it.

Our products and supplies are not just limited to domestic but we assist global clients with best of logistics and our procurement are made from international supply base. Being partnered with prominent international distribution centres, we are able to procure and deliver the requested hardware, networking and telecom products at cost effective prices and follow strict control over delivery time.

In-spite of variation in standards at different countries for the same product we ensure to retain such standards to meet the domestic customer’s requirement. Our Supply Chain is lead by an experienced team who are proficient in international trade terminologies.

Benefits of IT Procurement from Reich Global IT


Every transaction you register with Reich,
rest be assured on a quality delivery bundled with:

A key feature of Reich Global IT’s high-performing Global and Domestic procurement Process

We focus on a holistic approach rather being individualistic attaining optimum value through our people, process and technology.

Lowest cost possible
With our best efforts in Reviewing competitive suppliers & re-visit contract terms with them, challenging specifications, eliminating unnecessary expenses & Operational costs, we promise to offer Low-cost commercials.

Reich ensures timely acquisition of goods, in a competitive manner, ensuring Best Value for Money while maintaining transparency & fairness.

Our Standardization in identifying the customer’s buying needs, detailed Product Specifications, Establishing Budget, research potential suppliers, evaluate product options, negotiating contracts & SLA, always ensures consistency through the entire procurement process.

…In short, Reich Global’s Procurement program is a supply chain, to bank upon, for a seamless purchase any time.

Supply Chain & Global Procurement
Our Supplies Remain Submissive With Industry Standards.

Reich’s supply program does not risk an extra profile that will diverge into non standards leading customers into jeopardy.

Our supply team works following the latest procurement ethics and regulations close to the industry standards, compliant to OEM product features those are globally accepted and accredited

Keeps Information Up-To-Date

We follow consistent procedures to follow & maintain our transaction records up-to-date in terms of Scheduled Services, Support, Statutory Payables and Receivables, Insurance and Certifications, Health and Safety, Latest Product knowledge updates, regular trainings and more.

Our intention is to ensure our client, help them to make a better-informed decision on their procurement and service requests.

Our Endeavors To A Continuous Improvement

At Reich, our best audit programs have always led us for a continuous improvement in our supply and support process which makes us more visible in the industry. It is our core commitment to improve more and more from such audits, every year.

Adaptability To Innovative Supply Trends
Enterprising Outlook

This vertical at Reich delivering Supply chain has an implication for motivation and action. The experienced sourcing team believes in rich potential within the process which are resourcefulness, responsibility, Values and Vision of our company.

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