Structured Cabling

Are you on a lookout for structured cabling solutions? At Reich IT, we can help you.

While technology is constantly evolving and changing, it is an imperative strategy to drive the business infrastructure to get along and sometimes it is much faster than we expect.

Structured Cabling, a significant part of an IT Infrastructure, current day technology promises an environment with a productive safe and alert platform. But such platform requires a robust network to assist.

With a combination of fine and standardized elements, Structured Cabling is built. Commonly such cabling is deployed at campus institutions buildings and large infrastructures. It is only with Structured cabling; a rapidly advancing technology can be supported and fully deployed.

We help your Organization with a systematized Cabling Structure. We analyse your future business requirement and provide the structured cabling solutions that can accommodate futuristic hardware and networking components. The overall cabling arrangement can promise a complete support for an increasing amount of data business uses every day.

We promise your business to maximize your ROI through our structured cabling implementation.

In general, Structured cabling is not just a bunch or heap of cables running in your data center. But it is a systematic connectivity that runs throughout the building, campus, with different points and dedicated areas.

In the process of cabling assignments, we also handle and commissioning racks, network cabinets, hardware ports and more.

We combine all these bits and tiny elements to deliver a full-fledged structured cabling services to an overall performing system.

We offer the Cabling deliverance on subsystems mainly at Entrance Facilities, Equipment Rooms, Backbone cabling, Horizontal Cabling, telecommunication room and work area components.

Most of our projects are delivered using Fibre Optic Cabling structure, Shielded Twisted Pair cables such as CAT6, CAT6E etc. Co-Axial Cables for Media access, Patch Panels, Switches, End Point Passive components such as IOs, Ferruling and more following a compliance and standard structure.