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Reich Global IT offers wide range of Computers and related Accessories on sales and after sales support services. A Customer can get his right choice of IT products in our retailing stores which comprises of retailing computers and laptops for businesses, general purpose and various uses.

We offer both Used and New Products.

REICH Stores have their products supporting multiple-OEM brands, right from Computer Systems, Monitors, Keyboard and Mouse, Graphic Cards, Motherboards of various OEMs, Wide range of Power Supply cables, Memory Kits, Computer HDDs, SSDs, and wide range of Flash Cards, Multimedia Systems, VOIP Devices, transmission kits and devices, Wi-Fi routers, SMB Switches, HDD Adaptors, USB Products and more…

We promote sales on popular brands our stores such as, Acer, AMD, ASUS, Benq, Cisco, Canon, CP-Plus, Dell, Dahua, Digisol, D-Link, Epson, ESSL, Gigabyte, Hikvision, HP, Intel, Juniper Networks, Kingston, Lenovo, Linksys, Linux, Logitech, Microsoft, Samsung, Sandisk, Seagate, Secureye, TP-Link, Western Digital, Fujitsu, Zebronics, Plantronics, Fingers and more…

Please browse through our interactive inventory to order online and enquire with us with your detailed requirements and our sales team should contact you soon.

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