End Point Security

Any physical device that is present in a network which serves as a final product to process the data is an end point. Laptops, Desktop Computer Systems, Tablets, Mobile phones can all be considered as an End point.

These devices, also called as End Points are secured through End Point Security software. They are protected against the risky activities and malicious attacks. It is important to ensure the Endpoint compliance is at par with data security standards.

End Point Security
Importance of End Point Security

The process of securing an Endpoint is an integral part of Cybersecurity. Many reasons contribute its importance of requirement. It is a well-known fact that the Data of a Business is very important and most valued asset. Loosing such data, exposing it to vulnerable process of manipulation, theft and corruption or access to wrong hands can bring down your business at great risk.

On the other hand, addressing to the growing number of end points to a difference scale and technologies, the business is witnessing the EPS (End Point Security) getting low through the compounded remote access and BYOD policies, resulting in insufficient perimeter security of the organization leading to increasing vulnerabilities.

As a result, the perspective of threat analysis is more complicated. Cyberthreats are expanded with increasing number of hackers, exploring new ways to gain access to your business network and steal the data or manipulate the staff to reveal such sensitive information.

The cost of Reputation over large scale breach along with financial cost resulting violation of process, adding the cost of addressing these threats are in a larger scale.

And hence, it is claimed and regarded as End Point security is a MUST HAVE process in securing the business administration.

  • The recent analysis of business technologies has revealed the facts, that the enterprises are forced to follow the process which is giving more access to data
  • Increasing number of BYOD rules is an additional threat which targets mobile device access creating multi-fold end point vulnerabilities.
  • The concept of WFH (Work from Home) and WOG (Work on the Go) also contributes to the weakened security perimeter, gaining access through Wi-Fi Networks.
End Point Security
How does RCSP’s Endpoint Security works

End point security safeguards the data which are associated with individual devices that are connected to the Network. The data securing process screens the data which enter inside the network. The modern-day End point security is designed to gain access from cloud-based database which are ever-growing carrying the threat information. This results in minimum maintenance and updates required for local database. However, the cloud access is processed with grate speed and scalability.

Precisely, a Network gateway will have a centralized console giving access to administrators to control security features on each device connected to it. Each end point will be installed with the client software which are either controlled directly or remotely through SaaS. An updated client software at each Endpoint enables authentic log-in attempts and handle the policies from multi location.

The End point security software also controls and blocks the applications which are unsafe. Usage of such dangerous software can create data loss. It further also detects malware and related threats. Unique feature such as EDR (Endpoint detection and response) allows detection of advanced threats such as polymorphic, fileless malware, zero day attacks etc.

A better visibility and wide range of response options are available in these EDR solutions if monitored on regular intervals. RCSP’s End Point Security solutions are available in both Cloud Based which is having better scalability and easy to integrate and On-Premises installation.

RCSPs Endpoint security features

RCSP’s endpoint software is a combination of advanced applications which are the need of hour while challenging the sophisticated threats on devices inside a network such as Laptops Computer systems, mobile devices, IoT devices, servers etc.

Key features include rapid detection, analyse, and block the contents soon as they are found active on endpoint device. It is important to highlight the progressive transformation adapted by RCSP’s model towards advanced tools such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) along with extended detection and response (XDR). Antivirus, Encryption tools and Application controls are the key features highlighted which are required to secure your business data, avoiding the risky activities.

RCSP’s End Point security is deployed through a client server-based model that consists of a central security tool managed at the server and each end point are installed with our software protecting the network and device with regular updates. The pack includes Cloud based software which will have the access to threat details through SaaS based application.

While addressing the concerns at End Point Devices, even removable storage media devices are encrypted, and the data is secured by this software. Installation of unauthorised software are prevented within the company’s network.

End Point Security
End Point Security
Key features of RCSP’s endpoint security program:
  • Shields data against the threats, transmitted via emails. Every email received by the business are scanned for malicious information and phishing contents.
  • Shields device against malicious software which are downloaded from unauthorized websites through browser protections. Such software is blocked from being executed.
  • Shields against exploits caused against zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Offers Data loss protection by preventing access violation within staff group either by intention or unintentional event of system breach.
  • End Point Administrative control, which permits the selective device to upload or download data. These tools will effectively manage the device to control the applications allow list or blocklists.
  • Key features of RCSP’s program are its Structured Reports and alerts, providing the in-time warning and alerts on vulnerabilities giving visibility into endpoint security.
  • RCSPs endpoint security also provides centralized and automated tool for automated incident response through step-by-step workflows to investigate incident.
  • Rapid Apprehensive alerts feature allows the administrator to detect the threat in environment as early as possible. The tool offers real-time detection capabilities.
  • Wide range of flexible deployment options are available, best for adapting to the organization’s needs and environment, offering on-premises or cloud deployment.